About Us

The Swarra dream began more than 50 years ago from the humble beginnings of a master tea-taster to an idea formed two generations later that people could enjoy fresh, high-quality tea; introducing tea drinkers to rich aromas, textures and flavours. With strategically situated tea plantations in high, medium and low tea-growing regions of Sri Lanka, a group of organizations was formed to create and facilitate exclusive access to the widest selection of luxury Ceylon tea. The goal is refreshing simple: do away with all avoidable processes and unnecessary ‘hands’ involved in the journey between tea garden and cup of tea. Freshly made teas that are packed at source and as anti-oxidant rich as tea could get, are delivered directly to tea enthusiasts world-over.We are a boutique, Sri Lankan tea label specializing in single origin teas and creating exotic, totally unique infusions using only 100% pure Ceylon luxury leaf teas, real fruits, flowers and spices.Our premium teas are made from small batches of hand-picked, quality tea leaves from family-owned plantations situated in some of Sri Lanka’ finest tea growing regions.With three generations dedicated to perfecting the art of tea-making, we are excited about sharing our passion with you.